Do you need help to create great posts on Instagram? Here are a few tips for you.



Choose good quality photos to share to your Instagram feed. Use the same filter for all your pictures so your feed looks more consistent. If you use someone else’s pictures, don’t forget to ask for their permission and add a photo credit section in your post.


When building your feed, make sure that it looks harmonious. Balance your feed, share contrasting images and coordinate your colours. Choose an Instagram grid layout (there are a lot of free apps to help with your planning). A grid layout helps you create a consistent feed by planning the look of each square/post on the grid (e.g. you could create a rainbow grid, puzzle grid, tiles layout, diagonal layout, etc…).



Post consistently but post quality over quantity. Only post once a week if this means you share great content. However, please note that posting often (e.g. once a day) generally leads to higher engagement and faster follower growth. Keep it brief (if this is what you are comfortable with) but catchy. Let the visual do all the talking. That is what Instagram is for.


Make sure your content varies. Write about you, your company, what you do. Share press releases, awards, blog posts, client testimonials. Post valuable content (e.g. do you know something that you think could be valuable to your audience?). Don’t forget it is not only about your sales pitch. Create great engaging content to encourage people to follow you and interact with you. You need to convince your audience that you are who you are, and that you do it well, before they decide to purchase from you.



Add hashtags to your posts. It helps connect people who are interested in the same topics. Choose them well. Make sure they are relevant to your topic. Make sure you use less popular, more specific hashtags, aim for less than 50,000 results otherwise your post won’t be found in the searches. Don’t use the same hashtags in each post as your posts could be marked as spam.



Use call-to-action in your caption. You need to tell your followers what you would like them to do next (e.g. “please dm me if you wish to receive more info”). Tell them where to find you and how you would like to be contacted.


Location tags

Don’t forget to use the location tags. Instagram users may find your business on the discovery page for that location, potentially converting those users to new followers/customers.



Use emojis to catch people’s eyes. Emojis are particularly powerful at the beginning of your caption because the captions cut off in user’s feeds after 2 lines.



Make sure that your posts are engaging. Ask questions to your audience (e.g “what is your favourite post scheduling app?”). Let them be part of the conversation (e.g. “double tap if you find this useful”). Invite people to tag their friends (e.g. “coffee on a Monday morning is a must, tag a co-worker who could do with one right now”).


Social media cross-promotion

Use your post to promote your other social media accounts. Tell your audience which social media platforms they can find you on and how to find you (e.g. “you can also find us on Twitter @yourusername”).


And finally don’t forget to have fun! It seems daunting at the beginning, but it will be soon become easier and enjoyable.


Good luck!