When I meet people and explain what I do, the question that follows often is: “but what do Virtual Assistants (VAs) actually do?”. And my answer usually is: “They can do virtually anything” (pardon the pun). And it is true! The range of services offered by Virtual Assistants is so broad that it is difficult to list them all. And it depends on what the clients actually need. Virtual Assistants are very versatile and are typically hired to reduce someone else’s workload and increase productivity (in pretty much any industry).

Most people think that a Virtual Assistant is a PA, a secretary or an administrative support. Yes, some VAs only offer administrative support. But most Virtual Assistants, these days, offer very specialised services as well. VAs come from all walks of life. They have different backgrounds, come from various corporate environments and tend to specialise in specific skill sets.

My background, for example, is supply chain/procurement and retail. I have more than 10 years’ experience in these sectors. When I decided to start my Virtual Assistant business, I also chose to specialise because I found it easier to target my clients that way. I have my niche and I stick to it. It is what I love doing and what I am good at. However, I also offer administrative services because it remains the core offering of a VA. If you want to have a look at the services I offer, please click here.

There are two reasons why you would choose to hire a VA: Virtual Assistants can save you time and money.

Virtual Assistants are independent contractors - not employees. This means that you don't have to pay:
- Employee-related taxes, insurance, pension, annual leave or sick pay,
- Equipment or supplies (you do not need to provide an office space as Virtual Assistants work remotely using their own equipment),
- Employee training,
- Overtime,
- Recruitment fees.

And so on…

The only thing clients pay for is professional productive work. With a Virtual Assistant, clients only pay for the time spent on their project and only when they need extra support.

Virtual Assistants take on those everyday essential tasks you do not have time for because you are too busy growing your business. A Virtual Assistant may have skills that you do not have and could help you further your business any way you need them to. Think of them as your “on-call administrative and business partners”.

I hope I have given an overview of what a Virtual Assistant actually is/does.

I offer FREE discovery calls if you wish to know more about how I, as a VA, can help your business further.